Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SeisComp3 - get events data

After installing  Seiscomp3 and running it for a while, now it is time to play with the data.
As a first step I want to be able to see the events outside the SeisComp3 environment.
This will later serve me when exporting the data to a web page or reports.
The steps described here are: 1) get a list of events, 2) export the data to an xml file and 3) print the data as a bulletin.
1) Get a list of events:
scevtls -d mysql://sysop:sysop@localhost/seiscomp3
Will give a list of event codes like:

Wrong 'begin' format -> setting to None
Setting start to 1970-01-01 00:00:00
Setting end to 2012-10-24 08:17:13
where gfz will be the agency prefix and the last 4 letters will be random code.
You can also set begin and end time to get only a time window events. see scevtls documentation.

2) For this example I select one event (in csh environment):
set EVENT = gfz2012uizn
Now we can export the event data to an xml file:
scxmldump -d mysql://sysop:sysop@localhost/seiscomp3 -E $EVENT -P -M -A -o test.xml
see scxmldump for more information

3) Print the data to stdout:
scbulletin -i test.xml
Note that it is possible to skip the xmp part by using:
scbulletin -d mysql://sysop:sysop@localhost/seiscomp3 -E $EVENT
also adding -3 as a flag will output even more details.
see scbulletin for more info.

I'll update later with a python script to export the data to a Google Earth kml file.

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