Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Done with the PhD., Moving forward

Finally, I finished my PhD. and now it time to move forward.
Taking my Professors advice, I'm making the first steps in the world of seismology and I'm going to spend the next few years in Tel-Aviv University, working with Dr. Alon Ziv and Dr. Hillel Wust-Bloch.
The main work is building and maintain a local mini seismic-array network. I am going to actually place the seismometers, connect the dataloggers and build the server to collect the data. We are going to use different devices - Lennartz LE-3Dlite1DV MkII seismometers, Trillium broadband seismometers, TSA-SMA accelerometers and Summit M Hydra dataloggers. On the server side, We are going to use Seiscomp3 as our main framework, but we probably research for new algorithms and Seiscomp3 modules to better suit it to our needs.
Me getting the PhD. diploma from Prof. Rivka Carmi, presedent of BGU

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